His name pretty much says it...”
shoboat mv

ShoBoat MV

Artist/ Performer / Writer

ShoBoat is an I.E. Based Artist from Moreno Valley. ShoBoat has had a passion for music since the early age of 17. His love for music, drums and piano, mainly led hit to the discovery of his talent for putting together rhymes.

ShoBoat is inspired by talented artists such as Lil Wayne, Big L, Nipsey Hussle, T.I., and Wiz Khalifa.

ShoBoat is also a proud father and his heavily motivated by his children and the desire of his musical talents and creations be a benenfit to them. He is a hard worker, whether making music or selling it. He has sold over 8,000 of his own CD's . Some of his accomplishments include having music on TV and film. 

He is also the proud member and head artist of Muzik Maniacs Ent., who plan to be amongst the ranks of Maybach Music, YMCMB, OVO and other labels and entertainment companies. 

You should get used to hearing the name, ShoBoat MV!

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... from the upcoming album Seasick

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